My name is Arsalan — "RC" for short.

My name is Arsalan — "RC" for short.

A little about me

A little about me

Over many years, I have honed an appreciation for the textures of everyday life: shadows shifting with time, the subtle glimpse of emotion in someone's face, or a dapple of light on concrete. Trained as an architect, I approach photography through the same lens with which I view the built world – with a thoughtful eye for light, composition, and poetry.

Photography, to me, is about eternalizing this beauty so that we can keep a little of its magic with us.

I come from a culture in which weddings are not just a recognition of individual love stories; they are a celebration of family and community in its highest form. To this day, whether I am photographing a 500 person banquet, an offbeat backyard gathering, or an at-home family session, I am moved by love and connection in all its forms, and I fully welcome the expression of your unique culture whatever that means to you. I know we'll have a blast along the way.

We’ll be together a lot. I want you to feel like I am just another friend by your side a calm presence guiding you at times, and an invisible documentarian blending into the background at others. I recognize the unique, lasting importance of this moment in your life, and I'm honored by the trust it takes for you to invite me along to experience it with you. I can't wait.

Pakistani grandparents at their wedding

My grandparents - Lahore, 1953 (photographer unknown)

Pakistani parents at their wedding

My parents - Lahore, 1987 (S. Rollo)

Pakistani couple smiling at their wedding

My wife and me - Toronto, 2018 (Leann Weston)

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